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Contact Aimeewonkenobi: Email: potatoheadmama at gmail dot com
AIM: Aimeewonkenobi
Birthday November 4th, 2008
Location: Downtown
Aimeewonkenobi in one sentence: Awkward
Full Bio:
Overall I am content. I find great joy in giving and the little things. I can probably have fun with anyone anywhere. I am not very materialistic personally. I make my decisions with reality in mind. I do however do everything that I do with love. I try to always keep my principles as a major factor in life and look at everything from all the perspectives I can think of. I rarely take things in offense but yes I do have an opinion.

Where is Aimeewonkenobi headed,
What is Aimeewonkenobi doing?
Motto: Never get your hopes up and you will never be disappointed
Turn Ons: A sense of humor. Being treated as a friend. An open mind. Confidence. Respect for the world around you. Intelligence. Pizza. Cheese.
Turn Offs: Being hit on. Being talked down to. Brussels sprouts.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Everything interests me. I love to learn.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Anything Star Wars is somehow involved in my day to day entertainment.

As for music I never know what I am going to hear next. My ipod playlist would be a terrible sandwich

I do not watch TV.
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