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Birthday November 30th, 1999
bittersweet in one sentence: Torn between God's love and the world's wisdom
Full Bio:
I like to think that God is the center of my life, although I admittedly get distracted by the thousands of things eating up my time! I study voice, piano, and clarinet-music is one of my passions. I also love to write poetry, lyrics, whatever. I could wrap my mind around politics and philosophy all day, so my struggles often involve deciding which of my passions to pursue. I'm currently studying English and poltical science (besides music of course) and have no clue how I'll choose between them! I've grown up in Suburbia my whole life and sometimes can't understand why I have been so blessed and wonder if complacency would completely disappear from my life if I had to struggle through life. But above all, God is good and has a plan, all I can do is take his hand, close my eyes, and be led.
Where is bittersweet headed,
What is bittersweet doing?
Only God knows, hopefully performing or law school......
Turn Ons: Music lovers, deep thinkers, sell-outs for Jesus! Anyone who wants a chance would have to be able to make me think and understand my crazy philosophical tangents! Someone who can argue with me, and respect me enough to let me argue back.
Turn Offs: Anyone who doesn't think about what they believe and why, people who can't use proper English when the situation requires it (slip-ups are forgivable). The shallow idolators of Hugh Hefner and worshipers of the cover of Cosmopolitan rank high on my list of people who had best steer away from any encounters with this self-respecting lady.
Hobbies, skills, interests: I love to sing! Classical opera (classically trained), broadway (I perform with a show choir), pop, R&B, gospel, list goes on...
I play clarinet (if that makes me one of those "band nerds" then I guess I'll have to live with that), and I love it! Piano is another passion, but in a different way, I like to sing and accompany myself, so I do a lot of improvising.
Moving away from the music spectrum, I love to read! Les Miserables is one of my all-time favorites! I enjoy just about anything by C.S. Lewis, Dostoevsky, and I must admit, modern writers have intermittent spurts of brilliance-Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, A Separate Peace... Of course, everyone has to read some pop lit. on vacation- I would suggest The Rule of Four or The Broker.
I'm a bit of a political philosophy junky, I love to wrap my mind around that stuff! Same with theology!
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Coldplay, Anberlin, Boston, The Wedding, love'em! My taste in music is, well, eclectic I suppose. I'm into classic rock- Queen (who doesn't love them?!), Boston, Styx, Kansas, etc. But not all punk is crap, as far as pop goes, there is very little I can put up with, and n my opinion, music is like candy- you throw out the rappers.
On the subject of T.V, I don't spend much time in front of the thing, but when I do, I'm usually watching Will & Grace, Law and Order, Seinfeld, The West Wing, or a movie such as Much Ado About Nothing, Lord of the Rings, Phantom of the Opera, or a classic musical!
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