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Latest Entry: frustration and post mortem relations (10/9/05)
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Contact hamlet: Email: evagirl13 at hotmail dot com
AIM: peachesndreams13
Birthday May 4th, 1986
Location: Flagstaff
hamlet in one sentence: I'm that tuba player that plays saxaphone who's in the clarinet studio, right?
Full Bio:
I'm tired a lot of the time, but I don't go to bed. I enjoy meeting people and having goofy fun with people. I'm easily amused. I get stressed. My back is an anomaly. I never get to class on time. I read, but not what I'm supposed to. I write miserably. I love music a little too much. I don't practice well enough. I love my friends. I love my family. I miss lots of people. Parties are my friend, and I've become pretty good at sleeping them off.

I suprise myself a lot lately, not always in good ways. Somehow I'm constantly faced with my failures, but then I'm reminded that I am loved and it makes it better. A lot of the time I make the wrong decisions, but I always manage to figure a way to make things better. I try and be straight with people, I don't like to bullshit. I also give all of myself to anyone who *seems* interested. Be that friends, famliy, or any other type of person.

hamlet, in case you're wondering, isn't because i'm a shakespeare fanatic. i do enjoy the plays... but not to that extent. the character hamlet, though, is an incredibly complex, witty, conflicted, and indecisive character, and i just liked him a whole lot.
Where is hamlet headed,
What is hamlet doing?
headed from my dorm room, being late to whatever it is I'm supposed to be going to.
Motto: don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.
Turn Ons: Smiles.
The willingness to make an ass out of himself with me.
Brilliance (I'm not picky in the area of expertice).
Watches cartoons and enjoys it.
Can quote all of "The End of The World" and much of "The Hitchhiker's Guide".
Good Colonge.
Intelligent jokes.
Making me think.
Proving me wrong and not being a jerk about it.
Mixing me good drinks.
Turn Offs: Sharing bitterness about exes. (No Dave, that's not just about you ;) )
Being a douche in general.
Bad attitude.
Blatant come ons.
Not showering. (come on now)
Computer/Science folk that I can't carry on a conversation with. (I try, why can't you?)
Not being able to tie a tie properly.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Skills: I guess I'm a musician. I'm adequate at picking up new instruments, and I'm improving slowly on the clarinet. I'm a pretty good marcher, though if I ever did core I have some work to do. (for instance, learning a core instrument....)

Hobbies: I write, badly. I read. I play tennis, but not much recently due to my shoulder. I don't think I really have hobbies, most of my time is consumed with music and homework.

Interests: I'd like to get back into jazz on trombone, and I'd love to march core but it won't happen for various reasons. I'm way into history, and would love to continue with it. French is one, but I don't do much with it other than goof around.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: Listening: Jamie Cullum, The Postal Service, Dave Matthews Band, Guster. Too much and not enough of everything at the same time.

Watching: Simpsons and Family Guy when I can, Daily show also when I can.

Reading: Wicked, The Prophet, The Stranger, my stupid Anthropology book.

Entertainment: Lots of recitals, the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra, Random live music downtown. Wishing I was in the valley or Tucson simply for concert's sake.
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