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Latest Entry: latest poker results (12/19/04)
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Contact The House: Email: house at originalityisoverrated dot com
Birthday April 10th, 1983
The House in one sentence:
Full Bio:
We've got Texas Hold 'Em, Indian Forehead, and Black Jack. On a night-to-night basis, mind you.


Rules of Texas Hold 'Em:
Go to the ShoutRoom and ask disbot about poker. He'll tell you most everything you need to know!

Winning Hands:

Royal Flush (Straight Flush of 10-J-Q-K-A)

Straight Flush (Straight of Same Suit)


Full House (Three-of-a-Kind and a Pair)

Flush (5 Cards of the Same Suit)

Straight (5 cards in order. This came up: Aces can be high or low, --AKQJ10 or 5432A-- but you can't "wind around" --32AKQ--.)


Two Pair


High Card

(We're poor college kids, so this will likely stay in nickles, dimes, and quarters.)

Whites: 5
Blues: 10
Reds: 25


House Rules:

Dealer Rotates.

Money that cannot be accounted for shall benefit the Bank 'o the House. The Bank shall be used periodically for food and beverage. (Anyone who wants to stick loose change in the bowl will be Angela and Evan's best friend.) :)

Buy-in is a $2.50 minimum. If buying-in without cash (i.e. a loan from The House), there is a House Tax of $0.50 per $2.50 desired.

No minimum bet.

Until the House is current (ie: can afford to pay off all it's debts) raking $0.05 of every $1.00 won per hand will be enforced (until we all drink too much to remember).
Where is The House headed,
What is The House doing?
Nobody knows, seeing as I haven't been a part of an known circles for upwards of 18 months now...
Motto: Fold. Often.
Turn Ons: Food. Drink. Evan's mopping.
Turn Offs: Blowing on the Hookah.
Hobbies, skills, interests: Smoke rings, taking money, having the advantage, being dirty.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?:
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