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Latest Entry: A Sunday Sermon (Vision) (3/25/09)
Last Seen: 5/8/14 @ 9:24:04 PM PST
Contact bondservant: Email: msmitche at pepperdine dot edu
AIM: struxion
Birthday November 8th, 1984
Location: Malibu, CA
bondservant in one sentence: Growing up.
Full Bio:
I am very much about expression.

Expression of any kind, really. I love to write poetry and music. I love to oil paint. I love to sit down and talk intimately with my friends. I love to express myself in any way I can. And I love it when other people really express themselves. I've come to realize that I'm not picky about how people express themselves--all I care is that they are honest. So that's what I try to do, too. I try to be honest with my expression. No arrogance. No pretension. No loftiness. Just me. Laid bare and exposed. I don't always succeed, but I try.
Where is bondservant headed,
What is bondservant doing?
Learning to be reliant.
Motto: Let go.
Turn Ons: Beautiful thoughts. I don't care how eloquent she is--I just want her to express her thoughts to me in her own unique way, so that I can appreciate her for whom she really is.
Turn Offs: Mediocrity.



Hobbies, skills, interests: Hanging out at the beach.

Writing thoughts, poetry, lyrics, etc. in my travel journal.

Playing guitar.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I'm in SoCal. Is that not entertaining enough for you? Now I'm blogging. Check it out:
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