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User Since: 9/5/03
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Latest Entry: anyone can play guitar (11/6/03)
Last Seen: 11/28/03 @ 5:07:47 PM PST
Contact meladori_magpie: Email: medelliagreyskies at yahoo dot com
Birthday November 17th, 1986
Location: blue skies bring tears
meladori_magpie in one sentence: pennies for sale
Full Bio:
anonymity pleases me greatly. anyways, i'm one of those people who holds things inside until they either snuff it or explode in my face. so to keep from being consumed in a great ball of flame... you get the point.
Where is meladori_magpie headed,
What is meladori_magpie doing?
we're headed for a past that you can leave but not defend. Where the downtowns hold the sadness of you can't go back again
Motto: i will be tough
Turn Ons: androgeny, music, tears, laughing, freedom, intelligence, honesty, books, confidence, et cetera.
Turn Offs: gender stereotypes, hatred, bigotry, liars, infidelity, backstabbing, ignorance, immaturity
Hobbies, skills, interests: i play the guitar, drums, piano, violin, tin whistle, and harmonica. i love reading, writing music, and meditating.
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: currently listening to the smashing pumpkins, the most amazing band in the world. it's great sad music.
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