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Contact disillusioned: Email: chris at originalityisoverrated dot com
AIM: cyberhobbs
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Birthday July 23rd, 1985
Location: Sonoran Desert
disillusioned in one sentence: I thrive on the unexpected; I strive for the unusual.
Full Bio:
This here site is mine. I built it. Bare-handed style. I used to have a different bio up here, but I rewrote one for MySpace and decided I liked that one better. So now you have this...

Onward with the old, dry and drab explanation of me. Seriously, trying to convey all of my curious personality traits in a "profile" is completely nonsensical. Nonsense! You'll have to actually talk to me to get any deeper. Your call, really...)

I have a serious love affair with ellipses. es. I mean it. If you get to know me, there will be triple dots in your future. But you're willing to take that, because of all my other crazy qualities.

About those... qualities. (See?! Ellipsis attack!) I used to have something smarmy on here about me being a hopeless romantic. This fact is still true. I'd just rather not "gumdrops and lollipops" it up too much, because I realized it's not really doing it for me. More on that in a wee' bit, if you're still around.

The thing about me is that my personality plays out better in person. And especially well in groups. I'm apparently the most extroverted of my "group", but I always feel just a bit shy on the inside. I once started a conversation with a 45-year-old woman on a plane ride home and found myself even more bored. I know HTML. Better than you. (Go ahead and ask me about the document object model, bitches.)

I'm crazy and I love to try new things, but I'm also professional when I need have to be. I own my own business, so this comes in handy.

I've written before, semi-professionally. (That is, 250,000/day read my stuff, and I got paid. Yes, I'm bragging.) I used to be a lot more humble, and I still try to be in some ways, but a few close friends of mine have shown me that a decent level of confidence (JUST this side of "cocky asshole") can really pay off, and I have more fun with that anyway.

I like to use big words. Not to show off, but because they usually fit how I feel better. Isn't that what words are for? Sometimes, I'll have just the word in mind, but I'll actually look it up to make sure it means what I think it means. "Inconceivable", etc.

I talk to myself, aloud, a lot. And I'm strangely okay with that.

I personify and name lots of things in my life, because things are more fun when you do. (My car's name is Cammie. My stuffed dog's name is Calypso. My real dog's name is Cisco. You get the idea.)

I will make you laugh, hard. If I don't within our first encounter, it's really best we don't have a second one. If you can make me laugh, that's even better. I draw on a lot of influences for my sense of humor and I've got that whole sarcastic, flippant, subtle thing going on. Sometimes I'm just completely brazen in the "oh-my-god-he's-embarrassing-everyone-at-the-table-this-is-why-we-can't-have-nice-things" way, but I'm also strangely okay with that. If you can dive in with me, and carry it on, you'll be my best friend forever.

I have this strange attraction to girls with arms-extended-self-portrait pics in their MySpace profiles. And who don't post slutty underwear "look at my ass, isn't it fab?" pics. And who don't use all pink, and I'm way turned on by girls who can spell. You're, your, yore, right?

I'm all about chatting and such, and love the idea of meeting new folks. AIM me at cyberhobbs (my name since fifth grade; I know how it's spelled, kthx) or msg/add me on here. You just might be pleasantly surprised. Alternatively, you might throw up a bit. This is the price we pay, right? Right.

Where is disillusioned headed,
What is disillusioned doing?
Into adulthood, trying to discover the person I truly want to be... and the person I truly want to be with...
Motto: If their thoughts wander in my direction, even once, then I've done my job.
Turn Ons: Good music, contentment, Italian food, the simple pleasures of life- smiling, true happiness, the knowledge that someone out there truly loves you, and isn't obligated to... Quiet, moonlit walks on the beach... Cold thunderstorms and hot cocoa... Girls with strawberry blonde colored hair...

So many have taken this literally as more of a "what do I like when looking for a significant other" field; here's my attempt at mine:

The perfect counterpart to me wouldn't be able to be captured in a simple itemized list. Among other qualities, she would have a tremendous, colorful personality, be a bit wild, original, intelligent, affable, a good conversationalist, artistic in one form or another, a lover of music, caring, kind, compassionate, sweet, loving, and just someone who would make me smile with every second spent around her, and who would cause me to feel "that" feeling in my stomach when I was around her, and as I gazed into her eyes.

Physically, although this isn't as important, I *love* strawberry-blonde hair, deep blue eyes that you can lose yourself in, and an altogether nice figure... someone with a great smile that shows itself often, and someone who doesn't cover up her true beauty with layers upon layers of makeup and the like... (Inquire within...)
Turn Offs: Life being driven by things outside of my control, mexican food, pickles, emotional instability, teenage angst, inability to control feelings, feeling helpless, frustration, anger, confusion, lacking the sense of where I'm going, the knowledge of who I am...

Back to the girl thing:
Fishnet stockings, goth or conforming-non-conformist-'look-at-me-I'm-original, no-really'-ware, dark eye shadow in excess, ripped pantyhose, trying to be yourself by being everyone else... (an easier way of phrasing the above) Girls who are outspoken about things they already know only they're bothered by, and overly so, the inability to speak properly, lack of intelligence, having to dumb myself down around someone...
Hobbies, skills, interests: Drumming... learning guitar... singing... writing short stories, poetry, articles, satire, humor, drama, and the like... coding this site... learning PHP or other web stuff... designing graphic stuff... listening to music... spending time with friends... sleeping... enjoying good food... traveling... working on this site... photography (sorta)... movies... reading... corresponding... human interaction... fulfilling curiosity... learning about everything... meeting new people, et cetera...
What am I listening to, watching, or otherwise entertaining myself with?: I'm presently listening to:

My entire playlist is here:
Chris' Playlist

My favorite songs right now are:
Rivers Underneath (Stavesacre)
Konstantine (Something Corporate)
Freshman (The Verve)
Third Eye Blind (Motorcycle Drive By)
Somewhere In Between (Lifehouse)
Crush (Dave Matthews Band)
Trouble (Coldplay)
Amsterdam (Coldplay)
Blue & Yellow (The Used)

Bands I love:
Dave Matthews

Recent Playlist Additions:
Dave Matthews (Central Park)
Tenacious D
Postal Service
Brand New
Something Corporate (new stuff)
Incubus (newer stuff)
Annie Lennox
Nine Days
Yo Yo Ma
More Postal Service

Longest Track:
Paul Oakenfold - At Home in Ibiza (119:06)

Shortest Track:
Oni Soundtrack - Hurry

Most Listened To Tracks: (Old Method)
Jars of Clay - Frail
Something Corporate - Konstantine

New Method:
The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

and other bands on my playlist...

I like watching:
Family Guy, Tough Crowd, Daily Show, West Wing, Law & Order (only ocassionally now), Scrubs, Simpsons, Stargate and the like...

Favorite Movies: (In no particular order)
Blues Brothers
Kill Bill
Fight Club
Donnie Darko
Green Mile
Breakfast Club
The Matrix
O Brother Where Art Thou
I've memorized Back to the Future... "time to change that oil, pop"...
and more I can't remember...

Oh yeah, and books/periodicals I enjoy:
Catcher in the Rye
the perks of being a wallflower
I, Robot
Popular Science
Maximum PC

I've recently read:

Feeling Sorry for Claudia
Post Office
House of Leaves

Am currently reading:
Psychology, 7th Edition
Macroeconomics, 5th Edition
Nine Tomorrows, by Isaac Asimov
Religions of the World, but only occasionally
Wired magazine
PC magazine
The PHP manual
Google News, and its respective sources
The Onion
This site
Various E2 nodes
Various Calvin & Hobbes, Far Side and Foxtrot books
A book on marketing
Whatever's in front of me...

I need to read more books. Books are good. Especially when you get cute little personal pan pizzas for reading them... Mmm... Pizza-books...
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